Relationship Support

Couples Coaching and Divorce Mediation

Relationships are a valuable part of our life and when you are facing challenges or even divorce you can feel so alone and overwhelmed with emotions.

Relationship troubles causing stress?

Do you lay awake at night wondering what happened to your relationship? Do you wonder how or when it even started to fall apart? Couples Mediation is a direct, confidential approach to exploring your relationship with expert guidance. Investing in mediation to evaluate and learn how to positively and responsibly move forward through challenging situations is the fast track method past emotional situations.  

Should I get divorced or work things out?


If you are questioning or facing divorce now is the time to start seeking experts that can help you through this challenging time. You should not face any of these emotions or questions alone. Mediation can offer so many immediate results as you start this painful journey. Your mediator will be at your side through the whole process. You will gain guidance and confidential support through making tough decisions and expressing  post divorce concerns or desires.

The Results of Relationship Coaching

Are You Ready To...

-Eliminate 75% of Fights                  

-Break through Communication Barriers                                                 

-Explore the Two Most Valuable Questions in a relationship and during a break up

-Learn how to assess your relationship              

-Gain mediation through challenges                

-Gain professional help throughout the divorce process


What can I expect with Relationship Coaching or Divorce Mediation?


  • Have an effective personalized action plan made just for your success.

  • Work on enlightening handouts together that with boost your relationship to the next level.

  • Receive the mentorship and accountability of a professional relationship coach.

  • Build your team of professionals during your divorce process

  • Gain effective long term skills and decisions from your mediator with lawyers and court 


Certified and Confidential


Why relationships just don't work sometimes....

Relationships are hard work. When you love someone you want to care for them and believe that you can face the good and the bad and thrive in a long lasting relationship. When aspects happen that start a divide in the relationship it starts to effect communication, focus, reactions, emotions, and stress levels.

Over 70% of couples admit that their relationship has lost it’s loving feeling, even if they are grateful for their partner, they may feel alone or even worse that the relationship is coming to an end. And 90% of these people face an overwhelming divorce or break up filled with emotional reactions, hurt, and experience damage in effective communication. 


No longer are both of you standing in a position with one another where you desire to see/hear/empathize with your partners view. This can create a prime opportunity to bring a mediator/consultant into the picture and get that third person aspect to move past damaging patterns and reset your relationship for greatness, while also creating a mediated action plan moving forward.  ​


Investing with me as your coach will bring you to neutral ground with professional mediation so that you both can move through the challenges of separation/divorce. You will also get support in creating your action plan in moving forward post divorce.


What will I learn in Relationship Coaching?

-You will learn to communicate to one another with confidence.

-You will learn to catch old patterns and have a plan to reroute these situations.

-You will learn what a Win Win Attitude is and how to make healthy choices for yourself.

-Build a supporting plan around those important concepts.​

-Personalized Action Plans that effectively target executing a successful breakup .

-Time to express your concerns, fears, and desires for after the divorce is finalized.

-Save on lawyer costs and multiple unresolved court hearings.

-Create a more effective long term plan moving forward post divorce,

                 as opposed to disagreements and court orders

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