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why divorce mediation?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Divorce needs support. Hire a trained, impartial mediator to help reach divorce agreements before the court process begins.

What does Divorce Mediation look like?

In Divorce Mediation both parties are allowed to to meet with a neutral 3rd party to discuss and resolve common divorce related issues. Each party will get to explain their positions on each concern or request, and the mediator assists in reaching a series of compromises. The mediator facilitates communication and resolution, often leading to settlement.

An Individual Meeting and Relationship Screening with each party.

- Individual Meetings give each party the time to express the concerns and desires for moving post divorce. These notes will be used through the mediation process to work towards resolve and compromise for each party.

- Relationship screenings are important to make sure each party is feeling empowered to make decisions on how to move forward through the divorce process and post divorce.

Starting with the Wins.

- Let's go through all of the agreements that will be easy wins. There are items and ideas that you both are already in agreement on so lets get those recorded first.

Communicate and Collaborate.

- While we face the hard topics and decisions together we will work through ways to come to the most reasonable agreement/arrangement. Mediation is very healthy to have during these hard times. You should not have to face this alone. Although these mediation conversations may get emotional we can always take breaks or separate in order to help work through challenges.

Looking for ways to suggest mediation?

What is the End Goal?

- The written agreement for post divorce plan. You can save a lot of time and money working with a Divorce Mediator in order to come to agreements together instead of working through your attorneys to communicate and collaborate hard topics. Your Attorneys are invited to attend mediation with you if you choose.

- ALL Mediation agreements should be reviewed by your attorneys if they are not present during mediation. There may be areas of legal change due to unforeseen reasons decided beyond mediation. All large financial assets and/or retirement should be consulted by a financial professional and your attorney.

What are Partial Agreements?

Even Partial Agreements are very productive in the divorce process, even if there are 1 to 2 topics that were not able to be resolved through the mediation process you will have many of them written into your agreements and this will shorten the work and time for attorneys/court to help make further decisions, also saving you time going between attorneys for communication. Attorneys should always be involved with your court process during these hard times. It is important to hire your professional team to support all of the major life decisions moving forward post divorce.

It is important to remember that I am not here to take sides or make judgments, I am an impartial mediator who is leading a process of arranging agreements before or during the court process. It is my duty to add ease and support to both sides during these challenging times in order to come to more amicable post divorce arrangements. Neither of you have anything to convince me of, I am not here to advise or or tell you what's right or wrong in your relationship or moving forward, although I may use ideas to inspire conversation or help communication barriers through ideas and conversation in order to help you both come to level of compromise.

Divorce Mediation is ideal for couples who wish to settle their divorce quickly and easily, and for couples who feel that that having a neutral 3rd party involved to support healthy communication and guide towards reasonable and fair agreements moving forward.

Are you interested in hiring a Divorce Mediator to add to your support team?

Facing divorce is a time full of emotions and fear, possibly even resentment. Bring up the topic of Divorce Mediation can be intimidating yet it is one of the healthiest decisions you can make during these times. Mediators are a great addition to your legal team to add in an impartial 3rd party that will bring support and guidance while working towards settlement.

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