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What is Self Discovery?

You Can Change Your Life Today

We all are living busy lives bustling around and taking care of our responsibilities.

And on top of that we have family dynamics, relationships, extended education, marriage, children, and the constant balancing act of all that involves. Most likely if someone asked you what you were doing tomorrow or next week you would be able to give them a pretty detailed account of your plans. And if it were even a month or two from now you would probably have a pretty good idea or even be able to pull up your calendar events.

No matter how designed or fly by the seat of your pants your life is there is always that one moment (or many) where you think to yourself… I WISH… And that is where Self Discovery starts.

It doesn’t matter what age or setbacks you have had…Self Discovery can happen on many levels and throughout our lives many times. You can start living a life aligned with your greatest vision and you can create your ideal lifestyle now.

I Will Tell You The Secret

The secret to living your best life starts with you. You are able to heal and grow and strengthen the areas of being Self Complete and start making the decisions and actions that support your ideal life vision.

Often times we are unsatisfied and we don’t even know why. You may even say to yourself why isn't this making me feel awesome?!! I do all of these things, I work hard, I am nice… where is my feeling of purpose and enjoyment…. This is a good time to assess your level of Self Completeness. You can learn more about this assessment in a FREE CONSULTATION.

Beyond strengthening your own levels of Self Completeness there are only 3 sequences of daily life that we deal with, and only one of those we have true control. (—gentle reminder— we like to feel like we have control, uncomfortable or stressful feelings boil up as we feel like we don’t have control in some way.)

The 3 Daily Sequences that can be applied to any situation

of your days dynamic

  1. Events

  2. Response

  3. Outcome

We are faced with EVENTS from the moment we wake up in the morning. These events can be as small as realizing your out of shampoo halfway through your shower to being enlightened by your child’s magical morning energy as you just try to get coffee in the cup. The events are all around us 24/7 never stopping. Even when we sleep the world is turning.

How we RESPOND is the only area we have true control. In this moment where the events are happening around us is out only window of opportunity to make the choice as to how to act. Usually we are not cuing into this moment, it happens so fast that we tend to react quickly. Have you ever heard a joke and then paused to think through the process of your response? haha! Probably not! You just tip your head back and laugh. Has that automatic response ever happened in different situations throughout the day? How about if an animal runs into the road… do you stop to think or hit the brake? What about when someone asks a question you know… do you shoot your hand up to respond? How about when something annoys you or someone crosses you the wrong way… do you react just a quick? Our Responses are very important and they define how well we can make choices that control a positive healthy outcome even if the

situation is not.

The OUTCOME is the effect of your response. A lot of times you might not see the events and responses as clearly as the outcomes so if you are finding yourself constantly in the same situation it would be very important to look at the pattern of events and responses that keep leading up to certain outcomes.

How Can I Change My Life Experience?

Self Discovery is a personal journey that allows you space to start looking at the events in your lifestyle and start to design and create your ideal experience by first discovering what kind of outcomes you want in your life and what kinds of outcomes you are able to create.

Self Discovery is so healthy and valuable to do many times throughout your life. Life is always changing and evolving as we get older. Keep growing with your life. Keep Designing.

Time is precious. Take control of how you are spending yours.

Life Coaching is a valuable asset to creating the life of your dreams. Just like you would hire an accountant for big financial endeavors you would hire your own personal life assistant and coach to advise you on a leading edge plan to get your life going in the direction you want to see it.

To Read More About LifeStyle Coaching

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All Life Coaching Opportunities are available through signing up for a FREE CONSULTATION

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