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What Is A BreakThrough ??

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

What is a breakthrough?

As a transformational coach my main objective is to help my clients have ah-ha moments and breakthroughs that help them create the lifestyles and relationships they desire.

But what is a breakthrough, how do you have one, and what does it feel like?

The other day I was at this new salon Exultant Hair Lab that I started going to. I absolutely fell in love with the vibe there and had an instant connection with my new stylist. This particular day I was the only client in the two chair salon so three of us sat there while I got my hair done.

And I decided to be brave…

I've been on a journey with my consulting and coaching business on how to effectively reach out to the people I have so much value for. So I decided to be vulnerable and ask these two ladies if they would mind answering a couple questions for me about themselves, not to assess their situation but to help me discover a way to connect with people in their times of need. They were cheerfully happy and open about doing this.

My first question was.. in hindsight was there ever a time in your life where you feel a life coach would have benefited you. They both said they have and so I continued on with asking during that time how were you feeling. They both were so amazing in describing how they were feeling using the words like Alone, Just flying by the seat of your pants, going to bed at night with a racing mind, exhausted…. I can, and everyone can, relate with those feelings… and I was so grateful for the raw reality they were reminding me of how we actually feel in those moments.

....because these moments are exactly where my potential clients are and I want to help them

So we explored deeper... because those moments are exactly where my potential clients are in their lives… but that also people experiencing this overwhelming time are less likely to reach out for help. Was my marketing that unclear or how do I get my marketing in front of them… I have so many easy effective concepts to teach people. So the three of us ladies really laid out the cards and we talked about this :

When we are in these chaotic states we just grind threw each task of each day because we are adults and we have responsibly, and people expecting things of us, and every adult does this, and if we are so stressed we must being doing something wrong, and we even think about how we just need to figure it out. Or maybe we just try to toughen up because what choice do we have…

And so if this were a common feeling the last thing you might want to do is to comment to an appointment that you feel might be like therapy and long commitment and any other exhausting thought. Or you may not even know if you have an hour to give, and most likely you are spreading yourself out so thinly that you have no time to give yourself, and you may even hide this fact by saying you don't have the extra money…

There were so many dynamic and amazing things the three of us explored and talked about. It was a serious conversation about real life and how we feel during points of it, yet.. it was exciting and I could feel these ladies Coaching Me and bring me so much clarity.

I even got vulnerable with them and told them some areas I had been holding myself back and why and they rallied around me and encouraged me to take the next level business leap!

And then it hit me…

I coach adults who feel alone in their chaotic lifestyle.

The ah-ha moment… the clarity I was seeking! I had goosebumps all over and I was so elated! I just couldn't believe it! It felt so good to explore my business questions about how to reach out to my potential clients and come to such clarity.

Create Your Breakthrough!

The way to create your breakthrough moment is to put yourself out there and talk about about your idea or challenge, explore concepts, look at things from different perspectives. Be patient and your ah-ha moment will come and your breakthrough will feel so vibrant and clear. You will be excited and there will be no doubts in your mind.

What happens after the breakthrough?

Oh yeah! Not over yet! Hahah! Now it's time for action!

What was your breakthrough? What do you need to do to align with your new idea or perspective? How will this change your mindset and lifestyle? There is so much more to create!

For guidance with your own personal breakthrough or having help setting it into motion please reach out!

Nothing scary! No long term obligation! confidential and easy and affordable.

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The best investment you can make is investing in yourself.

——Dr. Nelson

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