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Sculpt Your Schedule

Updated: Jan 25, 2022


A lot of times people tell me that they have so many projects or intentions they feel bad about not accomplishing. Usually this comes down to two aspects… No dedication to their vision and ideas and not having a realistic view of how much time they actually have in a day in order to take on more ventures.

If you work a full time job, have kids, pets, or a other lifestyle actions already in place you may only have an hour or two a day available for personal time to take on more actions, if they fit with in your schedule.

Maybe time is not even the issue… maybe you have plenty of time and still can't accomplish your goals and daily life endeavors because you are not dedicated to taking the actions to accomplish your goals and lifestyle desires.

In our high demand world I think it is important to value our personal time management by dedicating to the tasks, goals, and responsibility that we want to take action on in our lives.


It is way too easy to let the days slide by hour by hour. Even if you are busy doing something it may not be what you want to be accomplishing. Are you the productive procrastinator? Do you spend hours researching a project before you actually start? Do you wait for the perfect moment to invest the time or put something on your schedule? Do you find it hard to finish projects that you start and possibly find overwhelm in never feeling accomplished.

You are NOT ALONE!

A lot of times people admit that they spend down time scrolling social media or browsing through social media lives or photos that ascetically catch their eye… possibly only to feel completely at loss when they realize yet another day has passed by without starting, or finishing, a much desired task.

What could have you used that hour for instead? At what point did you realize it was to late in the day to even get started now or how many times have you said “I wish”

Do you know what is holding you back from achieving your ultimate vision? Time, Money, Resources are all realistic aspects that can hold us back for a moment but not forever… So what is it that really holds you back?…..

As you are thinking about your lifestyle there will be many different levels of goals that you will start to consider... you might not even think of some as goals... until now.

Got clutter around the house?... and an unfinished project still sitting out?

Maybe your goal is a weekly cleaning schedule that will break up the tasks offering more time for a scheduled evening to get that project done once and for all…

A lot of times in life we fool ourselves....

.... into thinking that we are very productive because we live lifestyles that require a lot of demand in different areas. And the reality is that we do not always have a choice to not meet the demands. We become very successful feeling productive and successful based off years of these experiences.

For example… how many of you have held a successful career climbing the business ladder or receiving raises and bonuses? Or have you raised kids enjoying attending all of their events and milestones throughout their upbringing?

These are great successes of meeting the demands of responsibility. And they are definitely worth celebrating…

Yet are you as efficient and dedicated when it comes to your lifestyle and your time when you are deciding what to do?

Can you harness the power of being the CEO of your own lifestyle and personal endeavors?

If you would like to try my FREE Sculpt Your Schedule Workbook please

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I am a LifeStyle Coach and Consultant and I love empowering people with valuable skills and resources to help you create the life of your dreams.

No matter what age you are or what stage of life you are in, there are always areas to strengthen and improve when it comes to taking back your power and creating the life of your dreams.

It is important to set achievable plans and create clarity in how to conquer each one.

You wouldn’t make a big purchase without checking with your accountant and your personal life coach offers the same strategic games plans.

If you have a vision hiring me as your life coach will set you up step by step to achieve it.

Over 80% of people admit that their day to day life is overwhelming, even if they are grateful for all they have, they may feel stress or even worse that they are to exhausted to enjoy all they have and work for. If you are ready to become the CEO of your life it is time to experience Enrichment Coaching.

-Invest in Recreating your Daily Life Experience. -Eliminate Frustrations -Breakthrough Motivation Barriers -Explore how to make healthy boundaries and stick to them.

-Learn how to assess your potential -Work through challenges -Regain confidence and empower yourself. -Create your life vision post divorce

Interested in checking out my Self Study WorkBook Sculpt Your Schedule?

For more coaching opportunities in office or virtually please contact Rev.Dr. Nelson directly at

Fast Track Coaching Programs available!

Affordable long term project coaching available!

Start with Your Free Consultation TODAY

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