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Remember the HoneyMoon?

I want to tell you the Key Point to remember and revisit often while navigating your relationship. This simple concept can be a source of great value while you create ways to reclaim your love.

Ever wonder why every relationship we have seems better than the last one.. at least initially?

Think of a past relationship… Then the one you started after.

Do you remember the feelings of joy and excitement? Feeling energized and so full of happiness?

When two people meet and feel aligned in the moment, it is magical.

If this person you met is a potential partner it is so fun to ride the conversations of like minded topics, share stories about yourselves, and make new plans that come from all of the ideas you inspire together.

So lets speed up 3 years, 5 years, 7 years… oh yes the 7 year itch… lets explore this…

It's really not so much about the time span as it is about the restless itch.

Each person individually is expanding within the relationship at their own speed (which can be held back or promoted by their partner) and then every relationship grows and evolves at their own pace (which can also be help back or promoted by the individuals) Soooo either way the relationship hits that point of lack. Lack of anything, or many things, the lack is a change that has made you aware. Possibly you are not even aware of what the exact point is yet soon all kinds of resentful or contradicting thoughts start playing in your head. Are fights starting in your relationship at this point? Are you or your partner just seeming a little more distant and irritable? Maybe you are both just going through the motions yet things are not satisfying.

Maybe you can only now relate to this in hindsight. If you are wondering if you are in this moment now you may also be wondering if it too late to reclaim your relationship potential.

But its not. Ok? It sucks now but some part of this is absolutely resolvable in an easy way.

It is not to late in any stage of any relationship to create solution and resolve at even the most basic level. And there are many exact and clear ways to resolve most any relationship situation.

Many time relationships can easily be promoted using ideas and intentional actions that take no time and no effort.

Let's look at the honeymoon stage again… remember how easy it was to connect over simply learning about each other? You may have shared a past memory and how it made you feel and how you moved forward since… your partner took in your story.. almost feeling it with you and also feeling like they were learning you and how to be with you.

Now let's fast forward to that future point in the relationship. Do you remember the conversations that involved learning each other and feeling connected through talking and sharing experiences?

When I look back I remember talking everyday… planning who's doing what that day, what kid needed what, what was for dinner, who brought the garbage out, some idiot at work, some tictoc video concept that was cool yet unapplied, playful surface talk about things we wish we had or wish we could do. Years pass like this, again… maybe you haven't been together for years yet maybe you are feeling this…

Would you believe me if I said some of these dissatisfying feelings you have inside could be resolved by recreating intentional talk in your simple daily life.

You don’t even have to go as far as to block off time or create date nights or routines.. It is as simple as redirecting the way you talk and respond to your partner once you are both comfortable with in unconditional love with one another created after being together for so long.

I feel like I could continue writing so many examples and concepts on this notion alone yet I do not want to take away from its simplicity…

When you first met you intentionally focused on one another and you intentionally chose things to share with one another in order to feel connected and valued while you started your relationship. So that you could protect yourself and do your best at starting something good and doing it right. When you were out on that date and ‘he’ told you about an experience you dove in and asked questions such as how did that make you feel or what was that like, and then the two of you would connect and relate on the conversations around it. Both people start to feel heard and validated by the other and a bond starts and you just simply feel like you are both on some new level and can take on whatever you face together.

Three years into the future you both come home from work everything is great, goals being accomplished, baby on the way, whatever is happening… yet there is an inevitable change… when you talk about an experience from that day or the past you know longer dive in and explore it… your conversation may still even be positive but it is different. Because you now know one another you no longer ask the questions to create the conversation you both just jump on board and either validate or dispute the conversation while no longer asking… how did that make you feel or what else happened around that situation… so now you are no longer really listening, validating, and connecting with your partner from the same intention that you once had…

All and all as your natural conversation starts to blend out and become less intentional it become just as easy to talk to your mom or your friend and you may even start to feel distance in your relationship and not know why.

There are many reasons that relationships drift apart or face challenges

yet I believe that simple intentions and realizations such as your communication patterns can shift and reset love to a point where you can start to resolve any other areas affected or even just promote your relationship to the next level.

By all means you never have to wait for your relationship to be on the brink of loss in order to address concerns, and even in the midst of intense separation I have no doubt within myself that easy wins and mature resolve are absolutely possible, especially with my guidance.

If you have any questions about relationships or divorce please reach out.

Don’t believe me that I can shift your relationship experience? I say challenge accepted! Send me a message and let me know what's going on, I always offer a complimentary session and we start creating a foundation for personal wins right there.

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