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Are You Facing Challenges With Your Divorce?

No matter what stage of the divorce process you are in, you are facing many challenging decisions and emotions. You do not have to face this alone. Mediation helps with conflict resolution.

Hiring a professional team during these hard times is a responsible action. Not always can we make hard choices together or come to reasonable agreements within a relationship that is ending. Communication may be limited or unproductive due to stress and emotions or you may no longer be able to look at the big picture when it comes to conversations that are hard to have. Divorce is an individual experience and couples face these times differently yet that does not mean that there is not guided professional support to help you get through this process.

The process of divorce can cause resentment and bad emotions, you and your spouse may not be on great speaking terms, Even trust could be lost. It is important to have a neutral 3rd party mediator to support and guide you through necessary questions and agreements, someone who will add a sense of balance and ease to an otherwise chaotic experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Divorce Mediator?

Bringing up the opportunity of Divorce Mediation will offer a professional neutral 3rd party to both parties to help arrange agreements for before or during the court process.

Here are some facts to look at while deciding if you can benefit from mediation

  • Support to help normalize the difficulty… Sitting across the table from your spouse during this time is hard. Remind yourself that these waves of difficult thoughts and emotions are normal.

  • Support in helping you both through the fact that you will not get along during this whole process, and that you will not see eye to eye on the decisions that you have to make in order to proceed successfully through this process. The help of a neutral 3rd party can greatly ease the exhaustion of these hard conversations.

  • A professional support plan to help you save time, money, and emotional exhaustion during the divorce process.

Remember - yes this is hard, Yet time will pass, it is hard to make decisions today from this point of emotional grief or perhaps anger. Yet your mediator is at your side through this.

It is time to have support and add mediation to the discussion table to navigate this legal process with you both.

I offer various support and coaching in relationships and separation. I believe and know that successful results can come from a successful breakup.

What will my Divorce Mediation Program offer you?

  • Private one on one session for each party of the divorce and then scheduled sessions where you both attend together. You are allowed to invite your lawyers to these sessions.

  • Guidance to talk through the process of concerns, material item division, custody ideas, and what life will look like post divorce with those agreements.

  • Worksheets that will add ease and save time as you focus in and talk together making arrangements. These sessions will not only offer you valuable tools to communicate productively with one another it will greatly increase the ease to clear out the emotions and look at each parties wishes/concerns, and it will also help you save time and money with lawyers and court costs if you go into this unable to make agreements.

What my Divorce Mediation is Not..

This program is not a counseling session to talk about why you are separating or what happened to create the motion for divorce. Although these situations may get brought up if they are important to one of the topics we are discussing we will not be spending time going over those details. I am not here to take sides or judge right from wrong. I am only hear to offer you effective guidance during this emotional time.

Please Read.

It is still advised to obtain a lawyer above all for your divorce process and also a financial advisor if you have large amounts, assets, retirement, and/or investments.

Working with a mediator is proven to create more long term arrangements post divorce as opposed to court order arrangements. Mediation can help resolve disputes outside of court and assists spouses towards compromise helping lawyers and the court system navigate your divorce fast and effective. Even the toughest mediation sessions can result in a more amicable outcome and create more long term results than fighting through the court process.

Mediation is considered a voluntary collaborative process that focuses on the best outcome for both parties and can create ease and support while facing divorce.

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