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Life Consultation and Coaching

Reinvention and Self Discovery Coaching  is a powerful approach to bringing Clarity and Success in Day to Day Life, Stress Management, and Goal Orientated Plans.


Investing in a coach equips you with accountability and straightforward advice.


Over 80% of people admit that their day to day life is overwhelming, even if they are grateful for all they have, they may feel stress or even worse that they are too exhausted to enjoy all they have and work for. If you are ready to become the CEO of your life it is time to experience Lifestyle Coaching.

Will I get results?

You will gain support through the process of transforming your life while we work in areas such as these listed below. Your individual experience is my highest focus so this is only a list of examples of what you may want to address, yet while working with your Dr. here at TALK many of these skills are looked at and upgraded as we build the life and relationship you desire and deserve.

-Reinvention of your Daily Life Experience.

-Eliminate unnecessary frustrations and fights                   

-Breakthrough Motivation Barriers                                                                                

-Explore how to make healthy boundaries and stick to them.

-Learn how to assess your potential                                         

-Work through challenges                                                                 

-Regain confidence and empower yourself.

-Create your ideal life and relationship 

-Rebuild your lifestyle post divorce 

-Learn why you fight and how to fight

-Learn skills to revive and reignite your relationship

-Bring your relationship to the next level by making easy promotions 

-Eliminate relationship frustrations

-Learn how to develop your personal relationship language 


You will walk away with achievable plans and new life skills that will start to build a solid foundation from which your life and relationship will be able to grow and evolve into its 

highest potential.

Real Coaching - Real Results


What programs do you offer?

I offer many amazing opportunities that are sure to give you effective results on most topic areas of lifestyle and relationships including family dynamic, goal setting, time management, critical thinking, adding pleasure and play back into your relationship, assessing self worth and potential, mediation through challenging relationship conversations, plus many more valuable life skills that will move you forward past challenges along with reinvention programs that will transform your life. 


There are many amazing benefits to investing in yourself and your life.

If you are looking for fast effective results, quick wins, and momentum forward

contact me today!

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Dr. Nelson CSC PhD 

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